Ty Lee appeared to has recognized Zuko because their very early youthfulness

Ty Lee appeared to has recognized Zuko because their very early youthfulness

[12] When she joined up with Azula and you will Mai, [4] they followed Zuko and Iroh throughout the world in an effort to fully capture him or her. She appeared to deal with your without the objections upon their come back out-of exile, [14] plus vacationed that have him as well as Mai and you will Azula so you can Ember Area. [1] When stress rose, Zuko titled their an excellent “circus nut” and you may berated their on her countless optimism, resulting in the woman to grow psychological and you will compelling the girl to disclose the woman things about joining the brand new circus. She pressured him, in addition to the anybody else, toward bicupid publicly discussing his good reasons for their previous rage. Such as for example the girl relatives, Ty Lee sympathized with Zuko’s internal chaos and distress. [1] Once she and you will Azula fled to some other gondola while in the a battle having Zuko with his partners, leaving her or him having dry, she checked uncomfortable and worried, to own Zuko who would possess fell to his passing at that big date got it perhaps not started getting Mai’s fast intervention. [7]

A-year following stop of Hundred-year War, Ty Lee joined the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors for the securing Zuko because of several murder efforts against the new-fire Lord, [13] and you can she continued to guard him the following years. [11]

Former enemies

Hailing from the Flames Nation and section of Azula’s team, Ty Lee was an organic opponent of your own Avatar. [5] But not, her animosity on the Aang was exclusively considering people purchases. As a result, the 2 without difficulty had with each other following conclusion of Hundred or so Season Conflict. [15]


Ty Lee and you may Katara only ever fulfilled after they battled each other. They earliest found while in the an excellent botched prisoner change. Whenever Katara attempted to disable Mai using waterbending, Ty Lee put chi clogging so you can disable Katara, rendering their defenseless. It nearly led to Katara’s beat at the hands of Mai. [4] Whether or not Katara escaped unharmed together with her family relations, she set-up knowledge of Ty Lee’s event, claiming their ability to strip the lady from this lady flexing power try scary. [5]

Katara and you may Ty Lee battled collectively to the numerous days afterward, plus whenever Azula along with her family members chased the group following Appa’s fur walk [3] whenever the newest Flames Country drill ready to infiltrate the new structure away from Ba Play Se. [5] However, in the latter wedding, Katara effectively battled out of Ty Lee by flexing the fresh drill’s liquefied slurry, therefore capturing this lady, and you will angrily named the woman a beneficial “circus freak”. [5] In her disguise as an excellent Kyoshi Warrior at Castle inside Ba Play Se, Ty Lee overrun Katara playing with chi blocking, leading to Katara’s take. [16] The 2 did not work together for the rest of the newest Hundred Year Battle, neither from the Zuko’s coronation.

About aftermath of your own Battle, Ty Lee features while the entered brand new Kyoshi Warriors and is actually expose regarding Flame Country Funding when Class Avatar arrived to help Zuko and you will a keen unbound Azula to obtain the long-shed mommy. Whilst two failed to really work together, it appears to be Katara and you may Ty Lee don’t mind for each other’s visibility. [10]

Toph Beifong

In Hundred-year War, Ty Lee simply realized Toph as a friend of your own Avatar which means the lady opponent. After the completion of your own Battle, Ty Lee entered new Kyoshi Fighters and thus didn’t come with cause getting antagonistic toward Toph any longer. Of the 102 AG, the newest relatives amongst the female got achieved the point where Ty Lee top Toph with as to why she is actually impression down and you can Toph took find of your bad improvement in Ty Lee’s feelings, caring enough to try and lift this new girl’s comfort. After they discovered Ty Lee’s siblings, which improved Ty Lee’s gloomy attitude because the she thought off more getting element of a combined set, Toph mentioned one to Ty Lee is actually her favourite out from the 7 identical Ty sisters. [2]

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